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Not totally sure what this is all going to be about yet but it will definitely involve food


I love to cook. I love to eat. Coincidentally I’m also always browsing food blogs and recipes online. I wanted to make my own recipes available to others, as well as share the ones I liked and/or tweaks I’ve made. Because I certainly can’t leave a recipe alone… Where’s the fun in that?

I’m always told “you’re a really good cook” or asked “how did you make that?”. I honestly don’t believe I’m a great cook but who am I to argue? I do believe that having quality fresh ingredients makes all the difference in the world. Cooking, to me, is not difficult and is a hobby of mine. I very rarely eat out and if I find something I like, I end up learning how to make it as well if not better at home. It drives my husband crazy and he says I’ve ruined all his favorite resturants.

So, what you’ll see in my blog are the things I’m cooking and my favorite recipes. Be forewarned, not all of them have precise ingredient measurements. I’m a “a shake of this” or “a pinch of that” kind of person. I put actual measurements whenever possible though.

A little more “about” me – I tend to try to cook healthy things with fresh ingredients as often as possible. I don’t really believe in or like many prepackaged items. There are a few exceptions to that rule but those are becoming ever more rare as I try to keep my cooking and eating as clean as possible. If possible, I will post nutrition values that I’ve found through MyFitnessPal for my recipes. Now that certainly doesn’t mean that all of my recipes will fall into the healthy category. I like a treat as much as the next girl so you’ll see plenty of chocolate and other oh-so-bad-for-you-but-yummy things as well.

As I’m sorting through this blog stuff you may see other escapades and things that I find useful.

And you may see plenty of pictures of my faithful snoozing hound.

So, we’ll give this whole blog thing a whirl and see how it goes.

Last note – please bear with me as I find pictures I’d like and such.

Faithful hound

Faithful hound


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